Chimneys in Bradford

Welcome to Corporate Interior Construction, where we have been serving Bradford and the surrounding communities for many years. At Corporate Interior Construction, our specialty is chimney repair and cleaning. A chimney is the exposed part of the exhaust pipe that allows fumes from your furnace, oven or other heating appliance to safely be expelled from within the building to the outside air. We provide in-depth, full-spectrum chimney services of all kinds to homeowners, as well as local commercial and industrial businesses in Bradford and the surrounding areas. With so many years in the business, we have serviced thousands of different types of common appliances that require the use of furnaces including, but not limited to:

  • Chimneys
  • Wood burning ovens
  • Gas burning stoves
  • Pizza ovens
  • Furnaces
  • ...and much more

Ensure the Safety of Your Building With Bradford Chimney Inspection

Due to the fact that they are exposed to the natural elements and are usually placed on the rooftop, chimneys are exposed to a lot of wear and tear due to wind, rain, sun and snow. These factors can all deteriorate both the inside and outside of your Bradford chimney. Regular inspection of your Bradford chimney is essential to the safety and livelihood of your Bradford business. Failing to take regular care of your Bradford business can encourage dangerous situations such as loose bricks, fire, poor air quality and other dangerous consequences that can seriously harm the structure of your building and the individuals within and around it. Don’t wait until something terrible goes wrong, contact your local, trusted chimney repair specialist to diagnose any problems before things take a turn for the worst. Common chimney maintenance and inspection services that we offer our Bradford customers include:

-Chimney Sweeping - Byproducts of the smoke from your Bradford fireplace or wood stove create soot and tar inside of your chimney. Over time, this soot and tar can create a flammable tar substance called creosote which can combust and cause a dangerous situation over time. It is important to get your chimney swept annually or biannually depending on the frequency of your chimney use.

-Fireplace Inspection: To ensure the safety and air quality of your Bradford business, we recommend annual fireplace inspections to keep catastrophes at bay.

-Chimney Liner Installation and Replacement: Over time the liner of your chimney may deteriorate due to regular wear and tear. We provide full service diagnostic, replacement and reparation of chimney liners in Bradford.

-Brick Repair: Keeping the exterior of your chimney’s structural integrity in check is very important to the overall safety of the exterior and interior of your building.

-Chimney Leak Repair - If your chimney has a leak we can fix it on time and on budget!

-Fireplace Repair: If your fireplace needs some TLC, we’ll be glad to provide it for you.

Remember, if you keep up with annual maintenance checks and implement the right repairs and care, your Bradford chimney will serve you for many years to come. We look forward to helping out!